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Complete web services
With over 6,500 templates and hundreds of web page effects like youtube, flash, news, image gallerys, and glossy menu systems available and now a free web editor so you can edit your webpages online
now with a free web editor so you can edit your webpages online
We have lots of services to offer you
We organize and manage the out sourcing of any web service you require so you dont have to, and there is no additional cost to you.
Experts in web development work as a team to co ordinate everything.
If you are moving existing websites to our servers  (simply email us the domain key)
We are experts at managing emails, websites and web servers.
We have been hosting websites since the start of the internet.
Included are Client management account tools and helpdesk

We only use the fastest and most reliable 24/7 managed (green) servers in the USA, where bandwidth is Ultra fast and extremely cheap. The main reason is that the USA has the infrastructure and multiple (ie redundant) Tier 1 networks already in place. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee see conditions*

Pricing includes
Direct conversation with support 7am-7pm all days
Website and email hosting $165 per year, if its any cheaper then how is a good service being provided?

Email features
Online web email
30 email accounts no limits on data
We manage email accounts for you
You can also setup and manage your own email accounts
Auto responders you can manage yourself.
We can easily setup email accounts on our servers and then also onto your pcs remotely

Spam filtering software
Specialised $25 per year

Website hosting setup, webpage design
Thousands of website pages to choose from as templates
Webpage Costs depend upon time and number of pages, generally basic website $350 4 webpages
Existing websites can be copied to our server
Search Engine Optimization
Webforms for collecting and emailing to you
Google map showing where you are

At least a Hundred website objects including webvideos, blogs, paypal payment buttons, site trees, fancy menus, flash, iphone websites that auto detect the iphone, scrolling images, fancy page flipping, thumb gallerys, facebook, etc etc  and now a free web editor so you can edit your webpages online
What you can do with the hosting web control panel... The ability to manage your webserver and what it runs !

    * Web Host Manager
    * Xskin
    * Webmail, NeoMail, Horde, SquirrelMail
    * Email Accounts (with SMTP servers +Web Mail)
    * Autoresponders
    * Mail Forwarding
    * Mail Alias
    * Mailing Lists
    * Private cgi-bin
    * SSI
    * SSL (Need Cert or use Shared system)
    * PHP
    * MYSQL databases
    * WebStats
    * Email filters
    * Email Traces
    * Mx Record Changes
    * Anonymous FTP
    * FTP Manger
    * FTP session control
    * Password Protect
    * Error Docs
    * SSH/Telnet
    * URL Redirects
    * Frontpage ext manager
    * Raw Logs
    * Error Logs
    * Chatroom
    * PHPmychat
    * Bulletin Board
    * Pre installed Scripts
    * CGI Wrapper
    * Random HTML
    * Simple GuestBook
    * Advanced GuestBook
    * Page Counters
    * Clock
    * Countdown
    * CGI Email
    * Formmail Clone
    * Entropy Search
    * Rotating Banners
    * Invision Board
    * PHP Nuke
    * OS Commerce Shopping Cart
    * Agora Cart
    * Cron Jobs
    * Mime Types
    * Apache Handlers
Quality Absolutely Matters
For many businesses, a web presence is a convenient tool for marketing your business for less than the costs of radio and television advertising.   The ability for your customers to be able to find information about your services immediately, rather than eventually, is always a bonus.

You may have been to other providers; certainly, the cost appears to be low, but what about support? Paying bottom dollar for web hosting proves the old adage -- you get what you pay for. This typically equals a lack of essential support, or lack of uptime. As unacceptable as this may seem, it appears that you do get what you pay for.

We have even more to offer
Domain name registrations,
easy to setup and renew, automatic reminder emails sent out

Domain name redirecting to other websites,
Offline Backup Hosting, website promotion

And excellent Pricing

spam filtering